Moving to Blogger

yyh revival text

Hey there! Mod Lola here. I have decided to upload Doujinshi to Blogger from now on.

Reason being, WordPress is not NSFW friendly, and it might be a matter of time before this blog is shut down. It is also not very user friendly when it comes to viewing images, whereas blogger allows for slideshows for easy Doujinshi viewing.

I will keep using WordPress for as long as I can, as it allows me to post to Twitter and Tumblr easily. But it will only be used to post images and link to Blogger.

Eventually, when I no longer need WordPress (once all the doujins have been moved to blogger), I will stop using it and leave it as an archive of the earlier blog (if this blog even survives, haha).

So please check out the new website at blogger! (https://yyh-revival.blogspot.com/)

-Mod lola


Some links will look a bit… funny from now on. I’m starting to post more on wordpress. The way their links work is that unlike direct links to Tumblr, which display a bunch of info, links to artwork on wordpress appear as images with no extra info, only link to where the stuff is from, and put “source” as whatever the site I got the link from is. Hence, if I’m “reblogging” from a tumblr post, it will actually link the tumblr post, (reblog essentially) and mark the blog as source, even if the original reblog is actually a link itself. Clicking the post will then take you to the reblog. It’s a… roundabout way of reblogging, but it allows me to reblog and save the content to wordpress, (in case the blog gets taken down. If the source blog is taken down, I am not sure what happens to the link) so I’ll try doing it this way.

Links to outside sources like Pixiv and Deviantart also appear as images, but clicking on them will take you straight to the image, as they are, again, links

I want to make this clear because as I was looking at my blog I noticed these look suspiciously like reposts. But I assure you, these images are links, and I am reasonably (hopefully) certain  that they act the same way as tumblr’s links.

Hopefully this works as intended. If not, then finding outside content and linking it will become a lot more challenging. 

– Mod Lola

Would it be too much to ask for a torrent or a zip folder of the doujinshi collection so we can save it to our own drives in a worst case scenario? No hard feelings if it’s too much work.

I could try dumping the organized and already translated stuff somewhere, but it’s hard to find a place that can upload so many files. And there’s still so much I haven’t sorted. So it’d have to be folder by folder for now. I can try adding that option to the WordPress blog but I wouldn’t expect it soon.

As for worst case scenario, don’t worry. If this blog does down, twitter and WordPress, as well as discord, are all places I can be found at. I’m going to keep sorting the doujinshi and keep posting nearly daily, if not on here then on twitter and WordPress, but until the blog is here, here as well.

And we’re not stopping the revival project, either. I’ve got a few translations to go through, and once finals are through, I can expect more scans, translations, and such. We have a member with nearly 600 doujins, many never scanned before, and a team of great translators 🙂 project will keep going strong.

If anyone knows a good place I can dump these files and keep them neat and organized, please let me know.

– mod Lola

Hiei’s Punishment Arc, 21

Until there’s a better alternative, and while the blog still lives and isn’t deleted by this crap of a site, I’ll be doing this from now on ^ Posting Doujinshi on WordPress and then linking to it. If this image link doesn’t work… well, I’ll try regular links, saying “Kurahi Doujinshi, name, artist, etc, link here.” 

– Mod Lola

Hiei’s Punishment Arc, 21

I don’t want to be annoying, but I ask that the yyh discord server be changed from 18+. I am under 18 and I don’t want to lose touch with mutuals or the fandom if tumblr shuts down. I know that you guys like to talk about stuff that’s very sexual in nature sometimes, but please take a moment to consider us younger fans. It would mean a lot to me if you did.

Hi, I understand your concern. But the server is mostly filled with NSFW content. The point of it is that we can be free to say and post whatever we will. 

There is nowhere in this server that is “safe” for minors. There is simply no way around this.

Now, what I can do is make a new server that is open to all, regardless of age, and simply have a strict no-nsfw policy on it, so that underage fans have somewhere to hang out and chat. 

Would that option be popular? Are there many fans under 18 who’d like a safe YYH server to chat in? 

– Mod Lola

New Home for Doujinshi!

Hey guys, as of right now, WordPress is where I’ve imported this blog, along with the doujinshi.

https://yyhrevival.home.blog/ is the site, and to search the Masterlist

go here –> https://yyhrevival.home.blog/tag/cd/ As on tumblr, simply type /tag/ and then follow my instructions for searching the list (dcharacter, dcharactercharacter for couples, tcharactercharacter for top/bottom, and of course, by name, artist, etc.)

The blog is still being moved over, so not everything is there yet. But as I might have to start deleting things soon, I thought I might as well get the link out.

– Mod Lola


We need to rally

This is LJ Strikethrough all over again. That shook our community up but we rallied. We made an archive of our own to keep ourselves safe. Now we need more. We need a social space. We need a place to share art, ourselves, and our daily lives.

This hellsite is kicking us off but honestly it was never intended for us from the start. This site doesn’t care about our privacy, our safety, and the support structure that fandom is for so many people.

Fandom is so much for so many people. Start planning. We need to make a move. Get contact info for your mutuals. Agree to keep your fandom name to wherever we go. Make discord or slack servers for your community in the interim.

There’s no guarantee of where we’ll end up, but we’ll get there. I’m imagining Dreamwidth or Pillowfort.io are the two most viable options. Reach out and get people in touch! Make a google spreadsheet for fandom contacts! Do something! Stay connected everyone. We will go on. This is my life’s research. Fandom is resilient. We will continue

Again, find me at these places

Pixiv Deviantart Twitter discord: https://discord.gg/pTyXrhM and soon enough I’ll link a wordpress or dreamwidth blog for the Doujinshi.

– Mod Lola

Tumblr NSFW ban

As you’ve all heard, Tumblr is banning all NSFW. This likely will take this blog down, as many things are marked nsfw. I will likely try to keep this place going for SFW, but for anyone who wants to stay in contact, please save this link —


Its the link to my discord. I am exploring alternatives right now. But I will always be on discord and all my links can be found there.

Let’s hope this won’t come to pass. But if it does… we shall need a new home, friends. I don’t want to lose the great community we’ve got here, but it looks like it truly is time for fandom to once again jump ship to a new home.

– Mod Lola


How to search the Masterlist

Doujinshi Tags

You can search by typing in /tag/ for all the couples available.

If you’re looking for certain characters, names will be tagged with a “d” in front, as in “dkoenma.”

Couples will be tagged with the “top” (if applicable) character’s name appearing first and preceded by a t (ex. thieikurama for top Hiei and bottom Kurama, or tkuramayusuke for top Kurama and bottom Yusuke).

Characters will also be tagged with both names, such as “dhieikurama” and “dkuramahiei,” so searching either will work. If you want only doujinshi with a certain character topping, or only ones where sexual encounters happen, search with the “t” option before this one.

Example: To look up Kurama and Hiei, where Hiei tops, type in https://yyhrevival.home.blog/tag/thieikurama/

To find all Kurama and Hiei doujins, type in /tag/dhieikurama

To find just Kurama, type in /tag/dkurama

(Please remember, the “t” option will only bring up mostly R rated doujins and ones where it is clear who is “dominating,” so to see all doujinshi, use the other options.)

If there’s any questions, please let me know!

Here’s a list of the more popular ships already: