Moving to Blogger

yyh revival text

Hey there! Mod Lola here. I have decided to upload Doujinshi to Blogger from now on.

Reason being, WordPress is not NSFW friendly, and it might be a matter of time before this blog is shut down. It is also not very user friendly when it comes to viewing images, whereas blogger allows for slideshows for easy Doujinshi viewing.

I will keep using WordPress for as long as I can, as it allows me to post to Twitter and Tumblr easily. But it will only be used to post images and link to Blogger.

Eventually, when I no longer need WordPress (once all the doujins have been moved to blogger), I will stop using it and leave it as an archive of the earlier blog (if this blog even survives, haha).

So please check out the new website at blogger! (

-Mod lola

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