How to search Doujinshi

Doujinshi Tags

You can search by typing in /tag/ for all the couples available.

If you’re looking for certain characters, names will be tagged with a “d” in front, as in “dkoenma.”

Couples will be tagged with the “top” (if applicable) character’s name appearing first and preceded by a t (ex. thieikurama for top Hiei and bottom Kurama, or tkuramayusuke for top Kurama and bottom Yusuke).

Characters will also be tagged with both names, such as “dhieikurama” and “dkuramahiei,” so searching either will work. If you want only doujinshi with a certain character topping, or only ones where sexual encounters happen, search with the “t” option before this one.

Example: To look up Kurama and Hiei, where Hiei tops, type in

To find all Kurama and Hiei doujins, type in /tag/dhieikurama

To find just Kurama, type in /tag/dkurama

(Please remember, the “t” option will only bring up mostly R rated doujins and ones where it is clear who is “dominating,” so to see all doujinshi, use the other options.)

If there’s any questions, please let me know!

Here’s a list of the more popular ships already: