YYH-Revival Fanfic Recommendations

YYH-Revival Fanfic Recommendations


For other fics and recommendations, please search /tagged/fanfics ! These are just personal favorites of mine. More fics are reblogged to that tag that might be of interest.

If you have any recs, please comment or message them to me!

Author Spotlight:

This list is for authors who had written multiple YYH fics and show amazing quality in their works! Thank you for all you’ve written!

Blossomwitch on AO3 & FF.net (Mostly Kurahi, some Yusuke)

Glossmyeyes on AO3 (lots of the four main boys)

Blueutopiah on AO3 (a fandom old, lots of Hiei and Kurama, some sensitive topics)

Creepstakes on LJ (another fandom famous 😉 Lots of Kuronue and Yoko, and plenty of AU’s)

Notable Authors with multiple fics:

Effing (Ramen) on AO3 (lots of Kurama/Yusuke, various ratings and genres)

Krimsonkitsu on AO3 (various, very nice prose)

Saiyuri_Dahila on AO3 (various, especially “In the Eyes of Angels”)

Kita Kitsune on AO3 and FF (Lots of Kurahi, more plot oriented)

Miss Gillette on AO3 (Lots of Kurahi, some Hiei/Yusuke, quite a bit of R rated stuff)

Darlingdeathbird on AO3 (some funny fics!)



Links will mostly be to AO3 or FF.Net

Other sites containing YYH works found here: (Sensitive topics include non-con, dub-con, violence, character death, and the like. Archaic writing style indicates fanfics written in the 00s, often with repeated tropes and random use of Japanese phrases. This can be jarring – and bring some memories for older fans! – but many fics are still worth reading)

YYH LJ Kinkmeme (R, various small prompts, characters, and situations. Mostly dead, but some gems are still up)

adultfanfiction.net (also pretty old, lots of archaic writing style, but still has some interesting fics)

Link to Blueutopiah’s Fanfic Rec list (also old, compiled by said author based on her preferences. Some interesting stuff in there, though. Please be advised, sensitive topics are present)

Sans Enigma (an old archive, not updated since 2001. Archaic fanfic language, but there are still some interesting gems in there, as well as some with sensitive topics, so please browse responsibly)

(If you have other sorting suggestions, or fics to add to the list, please message me!)

By pairing type:


Unlikely Bedfellows by Villain


Before becoming a spirit detective, Kurama’s powers were weak. To send a warning to all demons who sought to harm him, Kurama makes a deal with Toguro. But when it comes to the fee for Toguro’s service, it’s his body the demon wants.

(Toguro/Kurama, size kink, R)

Sorry about the blood in your mouth (i’m glad it was mine)by Ahria


They’re too different, too similar- it confuses him more than it should, makes him think that giving in to one is the closest he’ll ever get to the other. The wrongness of that makes his chest ache, positively swarms him with emotion that he refuses to name.


Youkai Cultural Exchange by Parisian_Sulfur


Yusuke really needs to learn more about youkai customs.

(Yusuke/Hiei, established Hiei/Kurama)

Fire in the Stone
By Kuwabara no Miko

“Throw Yusuke and Kurama in a room, and add a little lust spell to make things more…interesting.”

(R, Yusuke/Kurama, and the old fandom favorite “lust spell”)

Mind’s Eye by Krimsonkitsu

Summary: Kurama doesn’t want to die alone, Hiei doesn’t plan on letting him die at all.

(Kurama/Hiei, major angst)

Mixed Identities by  Midori-Omi

Summary:  Onji seeks a team to take to the tournament, and happens upon the beautiful young samurai, Shishiwakamaru. But Shishi would never look twice at an old man, would he?

(Suzuki/Shishi, cute, fluff, M)

Let’s Fly as the Birds Do By: Hikari Nanase FIRST OF THE BLUE ROSE ANTHOLOGY: Kurama and Hiei have fallen in love, but when human society finds out, pain and sorrow arise. How will friend and family react? Will they survive?

(Kurahi, M)

The Meikai War BY : saiyanb

Long fic, plot heavy.

Lights for the Emperor by tend


An estimated half of one percent of Japan’s population is Christian. An estimated seventy-three percent of the general public celebrate Christmas by eating a cake. An estimated zero percent of demons care. (Or: why Hiei is having a hard time adjusting to ningenkai, and how Kurama does–or doesn’t–make it easier for him.)



Mult M/M

Voyeurism by Blossomwitch

Summary: Hiei and Kurama are loud. Yusuke is curious. The title should tell you the rest. PWP (okay, a teeny amount of plot). Dark Tournament.

(Hiei/Kurama, Yusuke, R)


Sexy Time by perpetuallyfrowning


Yusuke buys a king size bed and invites the boys over to christen it.

(Hiei/Kurama/Yusuke/Kuwabara, R)


Blurred Lines by orphan_account


Set after the battle with Sensui. Yusuke’s newly awakened demon blood evokes curiosity in his two favorite demons.

(Hiei/Kurama/Yusuke, R)

Fridays are For the Boys by Uzdahsati


It’s a few years after the defeat of the terrorists in Spirit World and Yusuke is feeling down on his job after a particularly rough day in a string of bad ones. He’s ready to crash after a particularly gross afternoon when none other than Kurama comes calling. How might this lead to a sleepover, drug use, and a foursome? Well, you’ll have to read the story! (And I’ll have to write it hoho)

Based on this lovely drawing by polmcarts http://polmcarts.tumblr.com/image/159294627499

(All 4 boys with each other, drug use, alcohol)

Mult F/F

Mult F/M (f/m/m, or f/f/m will be here – any combo of f and m)

Paper Masks



When you live a lie for long enough, it’s hard not to start believing it yourself.

Set after the Makai Tournament. Keiko and Kurama reach a mutually beneficial agreement while Yusuke is gone. But when Yusuke returns, will it really be so easy to go back to the way things were before?

(T, Yusuke/Keiko, Kurama)

Backroom Banging by YYHPornFiles


(Rated R)


Lucky Child by Star Charter (Bibliograph)


“My name is Yukimura Keiko, and I am not who you think I am.”
When a Yu Yu Hakusho fan dies and is reincarnated in Keiko’s body, she’s faced with a difficult choice: stay true to her former self, or follow the script set for Keiko by the anime.
Although the thought of agreeably becoming Yusuke’s helpless girlfriend turns her stomach, can she afford to be herself when one wrong move could rewrite history?
As mysterious forces manipulate Not-Quite-Keiko in the pursuit of their own ends, she must choose between honoring the anime by sacrificing her identity, or forging a destiny of her own making.

Canon divergent in places. OC!Keiko. SI!Keiko. Fighter!Keiko. Meta!Keiko

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