Help Fund the Masterlist


Hello friends. You all know I’m doing the masterlist out of love, but I’ve found it takes a considerable amount of time to sift through everything I’ve collected, as well as funds I don’t have to buy doujinshi I find online that I cannot find anywhere for free.

Therefore I started a simple donation page here

Also, if you want something more tangible out of helping out, buy a Hiruseki stone from me! 

If the need arises and I have raised enough, I might even be able to find someone to translate all the RAWs I have 🙂

-Mod Lola

(No source for image. Pls let me know if you have one)

So what I love about this is that it shows exactly why Kurama’s long hair is useful and not just there to make him pretty. Kurapika can’t do Kurama’s awesome “killed you not using my arms or legs” thing Kurama did. With the long hair, not only does Kurama effectively have an extra hand for his rose whip, he can potentially also grow more complicated plants in there that require time or a place to root down. 

Which brings me back to god his hair must be fucking nasty.

– Mod Lola