The Evolution of Yu Yu Hakusho games.

And what what what? A game that had Botan and Yukina fighting each other?

News Update

Mod Lola here. Life is… settling. Not where I want to be, but it’s better. So I’ll be resuming regular updates of doujinshi. By regular, I mean either daily or every two days if it’s a long one coming up. I’ll still be reblogging silly stuff in the meantime.

This also means Translators, Translators, Translators! I definitely cannot pay you now, but if you have time and want to try your hand at it, please contact me to volunteer! Any help is appreciated, whether it’s a page, a comic, or a whole series – it’s all a great help! 

Let’s keep the ball rolling until our OVAs release. Keeping the YYH fandom revived!

Damn it you rp blogs are pissing me OFF with how you’re misusing the term asexual. It’s not about sexual activity it’s about a lack of sexual attraction. If Yukina is asexual, that means she doesn’t find anyone sexually attractive. THAT IS IT! It’s not a decision to be this way. There are asexuals that LOVE having sex. There are ones that HATE sex. Please stop misusing the term, acephobia is real and makes it that much harder for us asexuals to validate our identities. Signed a pissed asexual.




Listen kid, all I said is that she identifies as asexual and that she happens to be an asexual that doesn’t want to have sex. There is a lack of sexual activity in this case because she isn’t interested. I thought that was clear. Where is there a misuse?

Seriously, clarify.

The shit you kids get into nowadays… back in my day, all that mattered was that you showed respect. If you didn’t – well 

– Your ass got kicked. Yusuke may not be the best spoken person out there, but he respects Yukina. And he loves his friends. And you know nothing about either of them.









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I wanted to join too…

Yukina! Sweetie, we’d love to have you!

Yes, I finally figured out how to use this…having trouble opening my ask box…hehe, I’ll figure it out!

Jeez, this is getting kinda crowded.

Hey, Yukina.

I was starting to think the same thing, myself.

♧ just goes to show YYH will never die

Here we have it folks! The Yu Yu Hakusho fans are coming back from the dead just in time for the new OVAs! This is going to be great fun! Stay tuned!

Oh, hell. This is just great.

@ask-littlerabbit-koto Yess, I’m pumped!

-Mod Lola