Dj masterlist translating volunteers wanted!

Still looking for more volunteers for translations. Funds are nonexistent so unfortunately I cannot pay anyone, but if you’d like to help out, you can do as little as a page, a small comic, a strip, anything 🙂

There are still enough comics in English to hold us over, but a warning to my non-kurahi friends; you will either become a kurahi shipper or get annoyed, because boy, do I have a lot of translated comics with them!

Hiruseki Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei and Yukina’s Tear Necklace


Hey friends! I finally made some Hiruseki stones! They’re not as big as I’d like, but I think they’ll do just fine for now 🙂 They’re such a pretty color, I couldn’t resist sharing them already. There’s two options, just with a ribbon for 15$, and the fancy one you see above at 25$.

Proceeds will help fund the YYH masterlist purchase of doujinshi!

Hiruseki Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei and Yukina’s Tear Necklace