So! I couldn’t actually find any time you’ve reblogged it (maybe bc I only use mobile and sometimes it’s stupid like that?) BUT I would love your opinions on Yusuke/Hiei/Kuwabara/Kurama , Kurama/Hiei , and Genkai/Toguro


Anon, thank you for your response! You asked me a big one, so it took some time. *cracks knuckles*


We’ll start with Genkai/Toguro

It is quite a tantalizing subject, that our protagonist’s sensei and one of his most powerful adversaries used to commingle in such a way, isn’t it? Their couplehood is one of those things that reminds the viewer that there are undercurrents which our story’s (14-year-old) POV can’t perceive. There’s gotta be some good Hurt & Comfort fic out there.

But as for me, it’s not a pairing I’ve spent too much time thinking about. Something or other about it made me avoid the subject– oh yes. I know what it is. I myself am a small lady: not Genkai small, but getting there, so when I think about Toguro’s cock I can already feel the searing pain in my nether regions.

Like, they must have had a conversation about it, rowing a boat out on a still pond at sunset or something. “Toguro… you know I love you, but what are we going to do about your massive genitalia?”

“Shhh!” He shushes her, then plants a kiss on her forehead as delicate as the feather-light lilies drifting above the surface of the water. “Like Alfred Kinsey and Clara McMillen, we will make it work, my darling.”




Uh, I was surprised about this! And I don’t know if I can take OT4’s seriously, but I can certainly enjoy imagining them.

Like my first thought was just “all that circle-jerking has to raise morale.” It has to. So many stressful situations in this series that could be eased by some good nut-busting with the closest available people: themselves.

I imagine it started off less complicated. One day Kazuma kissed Kurama and found out Kurama had kissed Yusuke, and he got super low-key jealous about it, which Kurama perceived with compassion and his usual amount of meddlesomeness, so he tried to get them to admit their homoerotic feelings towards each other, which he had always sensed. And then word got around to Hiei that the other three were kissing each other, and he was like “what? I’m not good enough for you people?” But that wasn’t the case at all: everyone wanted to kiss Hiei, they just thought they could never bring it up. That Hiei was a forbidden fruit. So they played Spin the Bottle without a bottle, and 7 Minutes of Heaven without a closet. Kisses turned into hand-jobs, hand-jobs turned into anal.

It all became so normal for them to reach down each other’s pants or lick each other’s ears that it all continued alongside the group’s usual dynamics. Hiei acted like he hated Kazuma, Kurama and Hiei blew off the others, Yusuke was still chasin’ Keiko’s ass, and Kazuma tried whenever he could to get advice about Yukina, even if it was right in the middle of a blow-job. “Hiei. You’re small – do you think my cock would terrify her?” (Hiei chokes and immediately leaves.)

So it would seem, for me, that this OT4 would be primarily about fulfilling physical needs – otherwise they’d spend too much time arguing, or refusing to speak to someone, or refusing to let one of them in on the orgy, etc. etc. etc. There’d be so much emotional politics and peace-keeping; nobody could get it up anymore. So I mean, they argue, but not about the sex. The sex is like water out of a faucet for them. They’re thirsty, they need it, and all they gotta do is turn a nozzle or two.



Oghhh, man. Kurama and Hiei. Their names are like peanut-butter and jelly, to me. Apple and cinnamon. Ketchup and mustard. Shampoo and conditioner. Hatter and Hare. NEED I GO ON

I used to just ship them blindly as a teen, then in my rewatch I realized they have a bunch of issues and plenty of solid reasons to break up. Yet when I imagine them going their separate ways, declaring they’ve simply had enough… a lump grows in my throat! A lump grows in THEIR throats, and they turn around, bite their lips, and clamber back desperately into each other’s arms!

Are they my OTP? Yes, but what I love about them doesn’t need a romantic backbone to hold up. I just love that they can be so different and irritate each other but still harbor such admiration and willingness to forgive. Remember that time Hiei tried to enslave the world and Kurama threw his own blood in his face? Weeks later they were standing on tree branches together; Kurama probably bought him an ice cream. Kurama has turned into his own mother, with Hiei. Only a mother would still think to take care of him after some of the terribly rude stuff he’s said or done. He’s going through his I NEED MY SPACE, MOM, JESUS™

teenage years, and Kurama understands that too.

And for all the lashing out Hiei does, Kurama’s a huge rock for him that he gravitates back towards. He clearly never means it and just gets emotional. Does he really hold so much disdain for the choices Kurama makes? No, but he’s threatened by those choices because they demand that he adapts if he wants to stay in his life, which he absolutely does but won’t admit in case it sounds desperate.

They’re really not that different though. They understand each other without words. They both have called Demon World home and are way too practiced at surviving alone. They’re both depressed. They’re both emotionally constipated (although it manifests in different ways.) They both want to be loved without knowing what there is to love about themselves.

But yes, for me, I just also like to sprinkle sparkly, fuzzy, love dust on top.

Also, I can’t shake the idea (plot bunny?) that they spend years (the entire YYH timeline) not making significant moves, take an absolute eternity to realize they cannot shake off a need for each other, and then when they’re finally together they’re, like, fucking inside of closets, like they have a game, “How Much Sex Can We Have Without People Knowing”. And Hiei is always tickled because Kurama gets sex flushes and has to get back to business looking like he’s been running up and down stairs sometimes. Anyhoo.




And here Toguro sees her, lifts his glasses to better cover his eyes, her image disappearing from our view. The symbol of who he had become, the glasses he only began wearing when he became a demon and later takes off in this scene, being replaced on his face, like the mask he wore to cover up what was truly inside… a tender heart. Because he thinks he has to be strong now. That he has to be the monster still so that he can leave Genkai without her mourning him. 

But she doesn’t buy it. She knows what’s underneath the mask. That’s why he takes it off in the end. He knows lying won’t bring her peace. Only the truth… that he was still in there, but that it was time for him to go, regardless of what he deserved or what either of them wanted. His story was over. Don’t mourn me, Genkai.