Sites and Blogs to Check Out

Here’s a list of some awesome YYH-related blogs I’ve come across!


Pixiv – has many Japanese fanartists and fanart. I ask that you please respect their privacy and work by not reposting anything you find, (linking works just fine!) Type in “幽遊白書” for Yu Yu Hakusho, or other Japanese names of characters, into the search bar.

(My personal Pixiv is here )

Yu Yu Hakusho TV – Hosts all the episodes, Subbed and Dubbed.

RP Groups

  1. Tumblr group started by @advice-hiei. Full character listhere.  Accepts OCs, large group, active. Plot driven. Some nsfw.

Yu Yu Hakusho Kink Meme – Post anonymous requests, fill anonymous requests! NSFW 😉


General YYH-Revival Server (18+ only) –

YYH-Revival RP server (18+ only) –

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